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Buildings of Young

R.M. of Morris (1919)

Christ Lutheran Church – Services began in 1936. The present structure was built in 1983 to service its congregation.

Conexus Credit Union – Credit Union services were offered in 1941 from the Wheat Pool Elevator. Today, services are conducted in the present building which was built in 1989.

Prairie Rose Restaurant – The social hub of the community is located in the C.E. Mattenly building. Lil and Dennis Sather and Joyce and Dale Brennan converted the interior in 1986. Randy and Alison Mah continued the tradition of service, and the present owner, Racquel Swain, purchased the business August 1, 2007.

R.M. of Morris – Although council meetings began 1907, this building was not built until 1919. The concerns of 1907 – roads, grasshoppers and gophers are still being dealt with today.

Royal Suites – The Royal Bank occupied this building from 1914 to 1994. Terry and Brenda Sperling converted the space into attractive rental suites in 1998.


Royal Suites (Royal Bank 1914-1994)

STR Elevator – Young’s first elevator, The Saskatchewan Elevator was built in 1908. At one time six elevators served this area. Sask Wheat Pool closed its doors in Young in 2001 and one elevator was demolished. The remaining elevator was purchased in 2001 by Steve Kastning, and is now owned by the Young Corporation, which includes Barry Shouse, Myron Teneycke, and Ron Russell. It is used for cleaning and shipping of organic crops as well as storage space for some of our local farmers. 

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church – Catholic services began in 1912. The congregation moved to a new building in 1964.

The Curling Rink – Curling has been enjoyed since 1914. The present structure was built in 1975.

The Skating Rink – The first closed-in rink was built in the 1920’s. the present structure was built in the early 90’s.

The Stone Building – In 1913, D. Berneebe built a stone building. Over the years, it was used as a light plant and grain crusher. Paul Erickson turned it into a garage. Presently it houses the Fire Hall, village equipment and workshop and T.J’s Mobile Sales and service.

Wheatland Library – Services were originally offered from the present Senior Citizen’s Center. The present building, a school module, was converted into a library in 1974.

Village Office – The first village meeting was held in Mr. Billyard’s house in 1910. Councils oversaw the expansion of the population into an attractive well-serviced community. The present building was constructed in 1964.

Wright Insurance – Built in 1980 by Brian Murray, the business was purchased in 1985 by Brian and Sharon Haines to serve the insurance needs of the community . In 1990 the business was expanded to include the liquor vendor.

Young Community Hall – Built in 1948, it continues to serve as a community center to this day.

Young Community Hall (1948)

Young Coop Store – In 1914 a Coop Store was established in Gledhill’s Hall. The present store, built in 1963, is still providing excellent service, almost 100 years later.

Young Golden Age Club – The building, the Orange Hall was built in 1912 and rebuilt in 1922 as the Young Theatre. Renamed The Senior Citizen’s Center in 1977, it provides fellowship for our seniors.

Young Senior Centre (1912)

Young Hotel – Thomas Murphy built the Manitou Hotel in 1910. Many owners, including present owners Joe and Doreen Frehling, have provided hospitality to our community.


Young Hotel (1910)

Young Post Office – Postal services began in 1909 in the C.E. Mattenly store. Service continues to today in the present building constructed in 1963.

Young United Church – Services began in the newly constructed church in 1914 and continue to today.