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CBK Demolition 2015

For historical record, this page contains pictures and videos of the demolition of the CBK building at Watrous, SK. Sadly, the building was not able to be saved as a heritage site. But fortunately many items and artifacts have been salvaged and are currently in storage.

The demolition process began Tuesday, July 21, 2015 with the removal of hazardous materials. Major demolition with the big equipment started August 4, 2015 and was completed August 14, 2015.


Here are some selected videos of the demolition:

CBK Demolition   1: (Unedited 0:36)
CBK Demolition   9: (Unedited 9:29)
CBK Demolition 11: (Unedited 4:47)
CBK Demolition 16: (Unedited 2:16)
CBK Demolition 20: (Unedited 3.25)
CBK Demolition 23: (Unedited 8:42)


Here are some selected photos of the demolition. Click on the picture for the slideshow: