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Watrous Newspapers

Three newspapers have been published since the town’s incorporation. Two newspapers published at the same time. The Watrous Signal was established in February, 1908 and continued until 1941 and was located on Second Avenue East, just east of the Masonic Hall. The Watrous Post was the second newspaper in 1911 and continued until 1916. It was located at a site on Main Street. The third newspaper was established in 1933 and continues to this present day. It is called “The Watrous Manitou” and is located at the site where the Watrous Post was.

For current news & information, visit the Watrous Manitou website at: The Watrous Manitou.

Sask Archives

It looks like most or all of the editions are present on microfiche at the Sask Archives Board. Here is the Sask Archives location:
Sask Archives Board