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Manitou Beach Video

1. The Healing Waters: A History of Manitou Beach. A SaskTel MAX video with Lionel Sproule narrating.

2. Danceland, Home of the Floating Dance Floor in Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan. A Sask Tourism video with Arnold Strueby narrating.

3. Danceland Construction, Wolfsun 2007

4. Spa Opening Ceremonies June 22, 1988. Video by Greg Carlson, DVD courtesy of Murray Westby.

5. Growing up at Manitou Beach Video with Lionel Sproule speaking at the Wisdom Weekend 2019 at Manitou Beach, SK.

6. Jewish Connections Manitou Beach. Video with Sue Alcock speaking about Jewish Connections at Manitou Beach at the Wisdom Weekend 2019.

7. Manitou Beach 100 Years Celebration 2019