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Brief History of Young

Young came into being with the coming of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad and at one time hoped to be the hub of four railroads. It was incorporated into a town in 1910, named for F.G. Young, land agent. Wide streets were laid for a growing town with sights on becoming a city. Business flourished: stores, hotel, billiard hall, barber shop, bank, doctor, drug store, no less than three lumber yards, livery barns, blacksmith shop, three churches and a school.

A train engineer took note of the rock formations near town. He came back to develop a huge limestone kiln that produced 1000 bushels of lime a day. Concrete formed the base of this structure that stood 53 feet high with a tressel 200 feet long. The remains can still be seen at the north-west end of 2nd Avenue, just beyond the Senior housing.

The far sighted and ambitious pioneers who started the town may have had their dreams toned down somewhat as Young did not become the hub of the railroads and the large town and city never came our way. The present residents still have some of that enthusiasm flowing through their veins. For a village of 300 people, we have a store, service station, post office, Credit Union, Insurance agent, hotel, restaurant, 3 churches, private caterers and a school.

On the social side, our 3 sheet curling rink with artificial ice and hockey arena are the center of activity in the winter. The swimming pool, golf course, ball diamonds and the ever improving playground are the places to be in the summer. Our school has a shop, Home Ec., computer room, photography, art program and gymnasium.

Aerial View of Young in 1959

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